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Week 16 – Talking to your Partner about Money

Talking to your Partner about Money There are not many topics that can create distress [...]

Week 15 – Credit Scores

Credit Scores Each of us has a unique credit score; somewhere between 300 and 850 [...]

Week 14 – Insurance

Insurance Different stages of our lives require different insurances. I use “require” lightly here, these [...]

Week 13 – Preparing for Taxes

TAXES!  The bane of our existence.  We all do our best to ONLY pay our [...]

Week 12 – Charitable Giving

Money makes the world go round – but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. [...]

Week 11 – Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing Like the old joke goes, “buy land; it’s not like they’re making [...]

Week 10 – Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency – this is an opinion piece Let me start with – I’m not a [...]

Week 9 – Investments

Investments are one of my favorite topics. It’s where my opportunity junkie gets to shine. [...]

Week 8 – Estate Planning

Estate Planning Estate planning sounds like a topic for someone older, but surprise! It’s for [...]

Week 7 – Calculating Expenses in Retirement

There is always a lot of conversation about saving money for retirement, but talk about [...]

Week 6 – Social Security Benefits

The debates about Social Security run loud and long. The first is whether or not [...]

Week 5 – The IRA and its place in Retirement

The IRA and its Place in Retirement Once you’ve maxed out your employer 401(k) Plan [...]

Week 4 – Saving for Retirement

Employer-based Retirement Savings Depending on the era you were born, retirement savings has evolved. It’s [...]

Week 3 – Balance Sheet Accounting to Track Success

Week 3 – Balance Sheet Accounting to Track Success Balance Sheets don’t sound very sexy [...]

Week 2A – Paying Down Debt

We’re calling this 2A because everyone doesn’t need this lesson.  This is specifically for people [...]

Week 2: Budgeting my Life

Part 2: Budgeting My Life Keeping track of your money is one of the hardest [...]

Week 1 – Introduction to Money Mindset

Part 1 – Introduction to Money Mindset   **This is a BETA Course**  That means [...]

Money Tools Workshop

The Money Tools Workshop will be dripped out each week – you can find new [...]

What do you need right now?

Maslow’s hierarchy says we start with our Basic Needs – we need food in our [...]

Airbnb adds Experiences

The Gig Economy Airbnb has become a household word used to describe travel, the gig [...]



State of the Union

Some of us are really good at giving advice – I have a knack for [...]

How do you learn?

We all have our own learning styles.  I find that I learn best by teaching.  [...]